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Wedding Hair Styles and Accessories 2020

Selecting which hairstyle to have for your wedding can be decided based on a few simple factors.

Choosing how to have your hair styled for your wedding can feel like the ‘make-or-break’ decision when it comes to completing your overall bridal look, yet there are some simple tips to remember that can make the decision of which do’ to choose far easier.

Basically the choice of wedding hair styles should really be determined by three factors: the style of the wedding, any accessories and whether or not a veil will be used.  By keeping these three factors in mind, the decision of how to have your hair styled should be made far easier.

Selecting which hairstyle to have for your wedding can be decided based on a few simple factors

Style of the Wedding

Probably the most deciding factor when it comes to bridal hair styles will be the style of the wedding itself as this will have impacted on the choice of dress, setting and bridal party. When you are putting so much effort into every other aspect of a wedding you will have a fairly clear idea of what look you are after, with hair styles also falling into this. For example, you are not going to have a stiff up-do if you are having a casual garden wedding or loose wavy curls for a black-tie wedding.  So it is important to remain true with the overall theme of the wedding itself.

So generally speaking, there are certain looks or hair styles that lend themselves to certain styles of weddings:

Black-Tie Wedding –  the most formal wedding ceremony available, it is generally an up-do that will be chosen by the bride as she will no doubt be wearing a fairly formal gown. Choices for an up-do are still very diverse with options ranging from simple chignon to a complicated design by hair stylists.

Formal Wedding – while maybe not as ‘formal’ as a black-tie wedding, a formal wedding will usually be following the same level of style and custom with the bride wearing a fairly traditional gown which will dictate the styles of hair she may consider. However, it really is far more open for interpretation based on the brides own style with half-do’s now highly popular with the front of the hair pulled back from the face but the length kept at the back for a more relaxed yet still elegant look.

Semiformal Wedding
 – probably the most common type of wedding, as a result is has the greatest versatility and range when it comes to hair styles. The choices are easily based on what look the bride has gone for herself from loose wavy curls, to an up-do to half-ups.

Informal Wedding – when it comes to informal weddings, this could mean anything from a beach to a backyard so it is really up to the bride to decide what hair she wants for the day but generally speaking loose hairs or soft curls piled on top the head are always popular. Severe up-do are not ideal but if an up-do is desired, then simple chignons, structured ponytail or a loose French twist.


When talking accessories the obvious one to consider when talking bridal hair is the veil or tiara. Yet there are others to consider when it comes to deciding on a hair style for your wedding. For instance, if you have chosen large chandelier earrings then it would be somewhat foolish to cover them up with a loose hairstyle.  There are two kinds of accessories to consider and one other factor: earrings, necklace and the neckline of the gown.  To give an example, if a bride has a bodice gown with a large necklace or earrings then an up-do would be most ideal in order to show off these assets to their best advantage.

Wedding Veils and Tiaras

Veils and other hair accessories can be the perfect addition and finishing touch for any bridal hair style, bringing extra emphasis and style to the bride and the wedding.

When talking veils they can either flow along the hair (making them ideal for loose locks) or pinned at the base of a hair feature such as chignon or veils can cover the brides face in the traditional method which would demand a certain style of hair. Overall wedding veils and tiaras and hair accessories are used as great enhancement for the bride with many designs and fabrics available from silk, lace or beaded and jewelled. However when it comes down to a question of versatility, if you have your heart set on a certain hairstyle you may find that a veil won’t be able to accompany it. In these occasions you will find that tiaras are an ideal substitute as they are adaptable to every style.

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