Wedding Colors

Wedding Colour Themes

Use colour to reflect your personality as a couple and bring life to the wedding decor

Now we have discussed what options you may have with a coloured wedding dress…but what about the wedding colour scheme itself? How do you know what colours to put together that will perfectly reflect the style of you, the venue and the surrounding area so that it will all compliment and flatter the entire day.

As far as it goes, the colour scheme has to be one of the first decisions made cause you are going to want to use it for your invitations, but say you don’t have a favourite colour or you just aren’t unsure what colours to use?

Below are a number of indicators you can used to come up with the perfect colour scheme for your wedding.

Be Seasonal

If you are getting married in the height of winter or spring, then why not use those traditional seasonal colours in your wedding to really create an atmosphere and tie in with the surrounding environment. Popular colour trends include:

  • Winter – blues, icy whites, silver, purples
  • Spring – pastels, yellow, bright pinks
  • Summer – strong vibrant colours or light greens
  • Autumn – gold, reds, browns, oranges

Wedding Colour Themes 2019


Choose one item as a central focal point

Say you don’t really like the idea of seasonal, then why not think about what it is a ‘must have’ at your wedding. Is there a particular flower or venue that you have always wanted to be part of your wedding? Then why not use it as a basis for your entire colouring scheme?

If it is a flower or decor option, then mirror its colour and style in everything from invitations to your gown to the wedding cake. It is also important to consider what colour you want the bridesmaids to have cause if it is a dominate colour and the venue is a small space, they may be too overpowering for such an area.

Speaking of the venue let this also inspire you. If you are getting married in a grand cathedral well a classic style will obviously suit for the colour and decor, but if you are more the garden ceremony type, the natural, warm tones would be more appropriate. You should also let the colouring used in the venue influence you, with bright venues better suited to paler colours to complement one another while light, plain venues allow for a full spectrum of colour in the wedding.
wedding colour themes

Number and Ratio of Colours


When talking about your colour scheme there is one golden rule of thumb that many designers and interior decorators stick too – keep it simple. What this means is keep the number of colour down to three max otherwise it will be overpowering and instead of a colour scheme you will have a colourful mess with random colours thrown all over the place. So stick to three complementing colours (use a colour wheel!) that will be used across the entire wedding spectrum. Additionally, if you have chosen to go for monochromatic (black and white) try not to let the black dominate at all or you risk looking like a funeral

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