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Losing Weight For Your Wedding Day

One dilemma most girls face as their wedding day approaches is losing a couple of kilos to look their best in their wedding dress. For some reason we all have our wedding dress made just that little bit smaller than it should be and then we find ourselves needing to lose some weight with our big day drawing nearer.

A combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet should be enough for us to reach our realistic goal. Far too often we set an unrealistic goal and then have to do some radical dieting that does harm to our bodies.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet doesn’t mean we have to deprive our bodies of food. Nor does it mean just cutting down on our regular intake. Many women go on a crash course wedding diet where they live on nothing but pumpkin soup for a month leading into their wedding. This can actually do more harm than good with our bodies metabolism slowed down.


It’s important to exercise regularly when trying to lose weight. The more energy we burn the more energy we need to replace through both food and nutritional high energy drinks. Your exercises don’t have to be ridiculously hard for your body to benefit. You will see many people walking briskly in the early evenings to keep fit. If you can run then that’s obviously better again because your heart is getting a work out too pumping your blood and oxygen throughout your body.

We have all tried to eat right and exercise and it’s not always easy to maintain your focus. Sometimes it does get too hard for all of us but you can bring your partner along on your walks to help keep you company.

The way I overcome this problem is by giving myself a reward every month if I stick to my diet plan and exercise schedule. I book myself in for a full body massage and spa at my local health club.

Being Healthy

I’d suggest before anybody started on any kind of radical weight loss program that they first speak to a professional trainer, dietitian or doctor. Your number one aim is to be healthy at your correct weight. Crash dieting usually results in the weight returning and usually more of it than you had previously. The best advice you can get for losing weight is to speak to professional people and listen to their expert advice.

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