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Eliminate Wedding Stress

Your wedding can be a very stressful day worrying about everything going to plan. It’s always a long day for those involved and can also be a very hot day if you get married during the summer months.

Trying to remain calm and avoiding stress on your wedding day is easier said than done for both the bride and groom.

It all starts with the planning and organization of your wedding. This is something that can be stressful in itself when sitting down with both sets of parents and you already know that your going to upset all of them with an idea you and your partner both want but know that they will dislike.

It’s important to remember that it is YOUR wedding and YOU and your partner are the ones who have to be the happiest.

The best way to avoid stress is to plan and organise your wedding properly. If you do that and follow through to make sure all the boxes are ticked ahead of your schedule then you will find there is less to worry about.

These are some simple stress relief techniques you can use
Exercise – Go for a 20 minute walk and don’t think about the wedding. Just concentrate on the designs of the houses you are walking past in the street, the trees, the grass, enjoy the sun on your back and just take in and appreciate what nature has to offer.

Getting some exercise is always a great way to relieve any stress that you may be experiencing.

Breathing – Stop what you are doing and concentrate on taking some deep breaths. You may want to go outside and just focus on breathing, almost meditating, and clear your mind from all the hassles you are having with the wedding.

Any problems you are having with the wedding won’t go away, they will still be there when you get back so take a few minutes for yourself to relax, it may help you find the answer when you get back to it.

You can stop what you are doing and just put the headphones on and listen to their favourite music while screaming out the tunes.

Take a nice long bath to soak away the stress.

If it’s all getting too much for both you and your partner, why not head off on a weekend away to forget about things? There are always cheap discounted airfares and accommodation packages available to visit any Australian city on most weekends.

Here is some not so common stress relief ideas
Hook up the internet and find yourself some funny pages to view. There are many joke pages, funny videos and games to play online and the best part is that they are all free of charge. Some would argue that having a good laugh will always ease tension and stress.

Go to bed and get some rest. Many people work too hard and long and find that they are lacking some sleep. A short nap can recharge the batteries and take away that stress you’ve been experiencing.

Go dancing. Call your fiance and arrange a night out with dinner and dancing. Alternatively, you can just turn on the stereo and dance away in your lounge room.

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