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Duties of the Bridal Party

Being part of a bridal party is a great honour, but what is expected of you?

When it comes to a traditional wedding, you would expect to see the full bridal party involved from the cute little flower girl to the ushers and to the best man. Yet many weddings have moved well away from the traditional roles so if you are involved in a bridal party, you will often ask the question – what are my duties?

Well obviously the bride and groom in question will be able to help you when it comes to working out what it is exactly that you need to do to make the wedding a complete success. Although there are a number of roles and duties that are just assumed to fall to certain members of a bridal party, so which are yours and what should you be doing to help?

Maid of Honour

This role is reserved for the bride’s closest female companion, and as a result it holds a great deal of responsibility for the entirety of the wedding process from preparation to the event to the wrap up. Being a Maid of Honour will mean that you will have to be the main point of information for any guests in terms of the bride while also supporting the bride. Common duties of the Maid of Honour include hosts the hen’s night or bridal shower, signs the Marriage Certificate, helps with dressing the bride and the veil, helps the bridesmaids, sits with the bride and groom at reception, performs a speech and organises reception activities (such as tossing the bouquet) and helps close up the reception and the leaving of the newly-married couple.

Best Man

This role is reserved for the best male companion of the groom as they will be responsible for the groom and organising some details of the wedding ahead of the big day. When it comes to the duties of the best man, it is the carrier of the wedding rings that is his most important duty on the day, along with organising the bucks night, delegating jobs to the grooms men, assisting the groom in getting ready for the day, returns all formal wear to the retailer after the wedding, performs a speech at the reception and also ensures that all reception activities run smoothly.


Often delegated specific tasks on the day by the maid of honour regarding the bride’s appearance and maintenance on the actual wedding day, leading up to the wedding bridesmaids will take part with the hen’s night, organise the bridal shower and assist the bride with any wedding planning decisions. Other typical bridesmaid duties include organising or assisting with hair and make-up, making of table decorations, attends pre-wedding parties, dance with the groomsmen and take part of bridal photos.

Grooms Men

Are the entourage for the groom, as it were, and will match in even number to the number of bridesmaids. They will be delegated roles by the Best Man leading up to and on the day of the wedding but common duties include picking out tuxedos, planning the bucks night, seat guests at the ceremony, accompany the bridesmaids and assist with the running of the reception.

Flower Girl/Page Boy

They only have to walk ahead of the bridal party on the wedding down in their specific outfits, they are more representations of the fertility of the marriage and the blessing of children to a marriage.


They will seat guests as they arrive in the appropriate areas while also preparing the venue and guests for the bridal party’s arrival.

Wedding Pinners

Stand Out from Tradition with a Coloured Wedding Dress

Want your wedding to be different from most, opt for bold colours on your gown

As the traditional wedding becomes less predominant for many brides who are opting to go for a more modern approach to their wedding, many are choosing to be married in a range of venues, have unorthodox bridal parties and receptions along with anything else that can characterise the couple and their personality.

This individuality has extended into the range of wedding dresses that are being purchased, with many brides now opting for their favourite colour to be their ‘ultimate’ gown on this special day. In what started off as being just a hint of colour has now transformed into the full spectrum of colours being represented by brides from pastels to deep blue to black all popular colour choices for many modern brides.

Go online and it is fairly evident that the ‘rules’ of only wearing white have been left far behind by many brides who simply want their wedding, or commitment ceremony, to be only a celebration of their relationship as opposed to the religious ceremony that many others still abide too.

Why not consider simply going to your favourite designer and looking through their evening wear collection for the perfect coloured bridal wear

Of course, wearing a daring red gown down the aisle can be a bit much for some brides who may want colour…but not one that is so full on. Therefore many bridal couture and store stockist will have a number of off-white gowns with coloured accents such as a sash or embroidery, meaning the bride can have the splash of colour she wants, without being too daring.

If you are considering having a coloured bridal outfit, then why not consider simply going to your favourite designer and looking through their evening wear collection? These will probably be the same, if not less expensive, as standard bridal gowns and will give you a far greater selection.

As far as which colour to choose, you can either go for your favourite colour or you can look around you and be inspired by either the venue of the reception or even the season that you are being married in. The key is to always choose a colour that compliments you and your skin tone/colouring so be sure to understand what works with you to really bring out your best assets.

What’s more always tie your dress colour in with the surrounding decor, so if you have a blue, silver and white scheme – don’t wear a red dress. Always stay within your chosen colour scheme to really unify the decorations and make you the central focal point of the entire surrounding decor.

Wedding Pinners

Capturing Your Day With Wedding Videos

Many people like to have wedding videos taken to tell the story of their wedding day. It’s a special day that can be such a blur when you live it. A wedding video allows you to sit down afterwards with your new husband or wife to watch how your wedding day unfolded.

You will find with most weddings these days, many couples are opting to hire a videographer to capture all their beautiful wedding day highlights for instance during the wedding ceremony at the church, when you’re walking down the aisle and exchanging your wedding vows to filming the delightful moments of the wedding reception.

Wedding Video Prices

Hiring a professional videography can be expensive for a wedding because of the costs of professional equipment. However, you should also keep in mind that you’re paying for their expertise in producing your wedding video, a level of quality that without training and the right equipment, a family member or friend isn’t going to match with the camcorder.

Often you may hear the cost of hiring a videography and producing your wedding video can cost up to several thousand of dollars. Fortunately, many of the videography companies specialising in weddings also provide different wedding packages that can include your wedding photos. So it may be that hiring one videography company can save you some extra money if you plan on having both a photographic and video of your wedding day.

It would be wise to you shop around first to find the most suitable company for the role. Other than judging it its best value for your money, also note that you would also want the best for your wedding moments. Keep in mind there is no retake. A good way to help you decide is to see samples of their past works. You will find that the many videographers have different styles in capturing weddings on film, so find one that appeals to you.

Finding a Wedding Videographer

As with many aspects of a wedding, seeking referrals from friends is a great way to start. Ask your married friends if they know anyone they would recommend or even borrow their wedding video and see what it was like. If you’re really stuck and don’t know where to start, why not check out our wedding video directory and see what’s on offer. Simply browse their profiles which can include photo and video works for you to get straight in researching.

There may just be the perfect videographer near you.