Wedding Hair

Long Wedding Hairstyles

Do you have long hair and do not know which hair model you will use in your wedding? In this post we share little tips with you.

Hair models that have the most options to get a wedding hair are long bridal hairstyles.

Horse tail bride hair model.

If you are a long haired woman, one of the most preferred models in your normal life is a model of horse-tail. This hairstyle gives you a very sexy image.

You should definitely choose the horse tail model, if you have a back detachment. This hairstyle concentrates his attention on his back.

If you have a transparent decollety area instead of a deep decollete, you should opt for flat-packed long hair paddle models.

Wedding Hair

10+ Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

We will share wedding hairstyles advices for short hair in this content.

When we say wedding hairstyle we always have a hair bun model.Those who think this is a rule start to stretch their hair for the wedding.

As you well know, there is no such rule! On the contrary, being a short haired bride in recent years is quite popular. Here you will find the answer to how you would like to access the accessories and which models to inspire!

First suggestion for short haired brides:

Straight haircut.

It is usually a model that should be preferred by have thin bridal candidates.



Wedding Hair

50+ Wedding Hairstyles

This content including tips for wedding hairstyles.

For your wedding hairstyles, you need to stay away from overly exaggerated or excessively messy knobs. Because it is important that the hair of a hair model carries very well before it gets messy.